Models Wanted


Help us build a portfolio of excellence

For the respect and privacy of our customers, our policy means that we do not get to show all of our clients images without their express permission. So when we build new sets or have creative ideas, it can take a while for us to find a client that is willing to let us share their images with the world.

So we're always looking for models who are willing to help us and allow us to use their images.


Special Project Models

If you'd be interested in modeling for us from time to time to help us try out new sets or lighting styles then contact the studio to be added to our call list. When we have a project, we'll contact you to see if you'd be interested in helping us. Models don't pay for sessions and receive digital files as compensation for their time and talent.

Models Wanted

Customers Can Also Model

Customers who want to share their images and give us a testimonial get a 20% discount on their orders.






TIS Photography Studio specializes in making women look and feel great through stunning boudoir and pin-up photography combined with exquisite retouching. Richard will help you unleash your inner model and get in touch with your outer sexy. Proudly serving women in Benton and Franklin Counties and throughout the Great Pacific Northwest.